District Swabi is one the most populous district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Swabi situated between the Indus river and kabul river.The people of Swabi are very hospitable,brave and hardworking,many legend belong to District Swabi.It is one the most Hostorical and Archaeological land in the World.
Total area of Swabi is 1543 km.
Total population according to 1998 was 1,026,804.
Total number of Tehsils are 4 (Swabi,Lahor,Topi and Razar).
Total number of Union Councils are 56.
Literacy Rate is 70 percent.
Yousafzai Tribe are in majority While other tribes are Razar,Utman kheil,Jadoon,khattak and hindkyan(hindko speakers).
Religion ratio are 99% Muslims,1% including Christians,Hindu and Sikh.
Occupations:About 70% people of Swabi are Former as the soil is mostly fertile and 30% government services,local workers,Educational department and business man.

Swabi map


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