Famous Personalities

Swabi the land of Brave people.These are not the Total numbers of  The legends belong to district Swabi,I took some of them which are the followings:

1:Captain karnal Sher khan Shaheed(1970-1999)

Awarded Nishan-e-Haidar from the government of Pakistan(highiest award of Pakistan).He was died in Kargal war against India.

karnal sher khan

2: Sir Sahibzada Muhammad Khursheed (16 July 1949- 14 January 1950)

He was the First Governer of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


3: Sheikh Milli

He was one of famous and brave leader of the Yousafzai Tribe.(In Mardan city,Shaikh maltoon town name is derived from Shaikh Milli).

seikh milli

4:Kifayat Shah Bacha

In Pashto Music one of the famous singer.

kifayat shah bacha

5:Haroon Bacha

He is also a famous singer now a days living in America.

Haroon Bacha

6:Muhammad Junaid khan

Pakistan International Cricketer now a days.Fast bowler(age 23)

Junaid khan

7: Yasir Shah(Cricketer)

click on the link here YASIR_SHAH



10 responses to “Famous Personalities

  1. Hi
    Are you sure abdul qadir is from swabi?
    Because I google him and it shows that he is from Lahore.
    Please le me know

  2. who said Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar was from Swabi?? He was born in Rampur, India and died in London.

  3. haroon bacha is living in America not england.nigar johar major general in pak army from punjpir swabi.mollana tayyab,M.akbar khan civil engineer from punjpir who was the chief engineer in making tarbela dam and many more famous places.

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