According to The Educational Management Information System (EMIS) of khyber Pakhtunkhwa the literacy rate in Swabi was 36% (aged 10 years and above).
And the gross ratio of Government,non-government and Deeni madaris is 86%.
The total number of Government Secondary Schools is 241(113 Middle Schools,114 High School and 14 Higher Secondary Schools).
There are several government and non-government (private) educatonal institutes in district Swabi.
The following are Government Educational Institutes;

1.Karnal sher khan cadet college Swabi
2.Karnal sher khan Degree college Nawan kali(for girls)
3.University of Swabi
4.Government Degree college kotha,swabi
5.Government Degree college Lahor,Swabi
6.Government Degree college Zaida
7.Government Degree college Gandaf
8.Government Degree college Zaroobi
9.Government Degree college Shewa
10.Government Degree college Yarhussain
11.Commerce College Bam kheil
12.Polytechnical college shah mansoor
13.Government Girls degree college Maneri
14.Government Girls degree college Mankai
15.Government Girls degree college Panjpir
16.Government Girls degree college Yarhussain
17.Government Girls degree college karnel sher khan kali
18.Government Girls degree college Marghuz.

some of the Private Educational Institute names are;
1.The Quaid-e-Azam public schools and colleges(swabi,zaida,mardan branches)
2.Tameer-e-Seerat Public school and college
3.Al Faisal Public School and college Maneri,swabi
4.Fauji Foundation school and college
5.Islamia English Medium School and college Shewa Adda,Swabi
6.Al Badar Public School and college Shewa Adda,swabi
7.The Green Montessories School System Swabi.