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4 responses to “Contact Us

  1. hi, its a good effort but I think you need to make it more professional you have to make some corrections about swabi there are not not four union councils they are tehsils and the famous places are much more you mention just nothing.
    thanks and dont mind it.

    • Thanks alot Naeem Sir,I have Re-write and look back at the whole post and corrected the words you mentioned.(union council > Tehsil)
      We appreciate yours love for the Website and District Swabi.

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    My mother is a doctor in London. My father is a Civil engineer. Zama plar Pukhtoon de. Zama mor Kashmiri de. Za pe Pukhto khabare na shem kawulai. So speak in English, please. I have heard that there is a village called Urmal in Lahor Tehsil, District Swabi. Could you confirm if it exists? Also, do any members of the Afridi tribe live in any of the outer regions? My grandmother told me that my family, ‘is a mix of Afridi and Yusufzai but originates from the Yusufzai, Afridi, Wazir or Orakzai regions”. Also, I assume that Swabi is the capital of Swabi District. Is it a village or a small town? Is there a bazaar like there is in Topi? Also, is Topi pronounced like the Urdu word for ‘hat’? Some people might make fun of you if you say, “Mein Topi (City in Swabi) sey hoon?” How can you counteract this?

    • W.salam and welcome Umar khan.
      you have alot of Questions hahaha i am writing answers step by step.
      Ormal/urmal is a village i just heard the name only,means i am not confirmed about it and i will do confirm it.
      In Swabi the main Afghan-Pashtoon Tribe living majority is Yousafuzai, though Swabi has Afridi,Kattak,Mamand etc etc but they are rare.
      Yes Swabi is the Capital of District Swabi as the officials of Swabi District are in Swabi Village/Swabi City.And Swabi has a Bazaar like Topi,Few year ago mostly people visit Topi Bazaar for shopping or they prefer Topi Bazaar,but now Swabi due to official govt office and facilities ,the Bazaar of Swabi grown more than Topi.
      And “Topi” as pronounced in “Urdu language” or “Pashto language” is how pronounces like for “Hat” as you mentioned.
      And try to learn Pashto as you are Pashtoon 🙂
      Keep smiling Umar ,hope my reply might be helpful

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