Hund and Hund Museum

Hund in Swabi District is located near the site where Alexander the Great crossed the Indus River in 327. BC.It has remains of a Mughal era red brick fort dating to 16th cent. AD from Akbar’s period.

The survey in 1996-1997 delineated its dimensions as: 3 km length, 1/2 km width and 38 feet depth. The material excavated in 1997-98 is at display in the Museum at University of Peshawar. Hund is known for the Ghaznavid invasion in 998 marking the beginning of Islamic era and the end of Gandhara Period.

Hund Swabi hund-swabi

Hund Museum, with a rest house, is located near the site where Alexander the Great crossed the Indus River. Alexander’s Memorial in the form of a Greek Corinthian pillar to the great conqueror has been erected here which is visible from the M1 Motorway. From Hund one can either go to Jehangira reaching the main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road. This way, one can visit the Kund National Park through a link road and on the way to Jehangira. Chota Lahor, the ancient Buddhist era town of Salathura, and birth-place of Sanskrit grammarian/ mathematician Panini, is only few kilometres from Hund.

Hund Museum


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  1. the entire area of the hund fort is under the local peoples and entire fort area is full of construction and houses ,,where is govt land in fort

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