Tarbela Dam

Tarbela Dam is one of the largest dam in the world.Tarbela Dam is located in District Haripur and in District Swabi(Topi Tehsil),khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Islamabad the capital of Pakistan is just 31 miles away from Tarbela Dam.Tarbela Reservoir lies an about 250 square-kilometre.The main dam wall is built of soil containing small rock masses with width of 2743 metres and hight of 486 feet.The construction of Tarbela Dam was started in 1968 and completed in April,1976,at about cost of 1497 million US Dollars(NESPAK worked as Project Consultants).There are 3 tunnels,tunnel 1 has four 175 MW generators,tunnel 2 has six 175MW generators and four generators 432MW on tunnnel 3.The reservoir of Tarbela Dam spread on about 82000 acres land,165 samll and large villages are submerged,about 100,000 peoples are displaced for building Tarbela Dam.

Tarbela Dam 1 Tarbela Dam 2 Tarbela Dam 3 Tarbela Dam 6 Tarbela Dam 5 Tarbela Dam 4

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